Asunción López-Varela is Associated Professor at Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain)
since 1994. Her interests in research include multimodal social semiotics, comparative cultural
studies, comparative literature, and the use of hypermedia technologies in education.
López-Varela coordinates the following projects:
Comparative Cultural Studies and Compartive Literature in English at
She is Review Editor (Europe) for CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (ISSN 1481-
4374) ©Purdue University
She is also member of the following editorial boards:
RELADA ISSN: 1988-5822.
CJES ISSN: 1305-905X
REDUCA ISSN: 1989-6255
and a reader in The Scholarly & Reference Division of Culture & Media Studies at Palgrave
Participation in research projects (a selection):
López-Varela has been a visiting scholar at the following institutions:
Brown University (Providence, RI, USA) Feb-July 2010
Linnaeus University (Sweden) September 2009
New Bulgarian University. Summer Semiotic School. September 2009
National Sun-Yet-Sen University (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) November 2009